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Logbook Services

According to Manufacturers Specification

When you complete a logbook service for your car, it’s important that you are sure you are receiving a service that precisely matches the logbook requirements. You want your car to be well maintained so that it runs smoothly for many miles more. It’s also important that you received excellent customer service, with quick appointment bookings, short turnaround times and accurate predictions of completion.

At BJ’s Car Care, we don’t want to be as good as the dealership. We want to be BETTER. We provide a level of knowledge and understanding beyond your standard dealership mechanic, and we have years of experience with multiple brands that allows us to serve every need for every customer and every car. Not only that, but we provide a personal touch with our professionalism because we value each and every customer who brings us their business.

Getting the Most Out of Your Car

A Logbook service is an essential part of responsible car ownership, and of preventing headaches in your life. Logbook servicing means a consistent schedule of maintenance is kept according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. These services attend to the consumable parts of your car such as oil, washer fluid, filters and brake pads, but also ensure that the engine is running well, the transmission is changing gears appropriately, and the car as a whole is functioning to the best of its ability. Without regularly logbook servicing, you will not know if a problem is developing in the mechanics or electronics of your car and run the risk of a very costly breakdown down the road.

Maintenance for Warranty

Logbook servicing is not just about the everyday functioning of your car. If you fail to appropriately service your car while the car is under the manufacturer’s or extended warranty, you may find that this amounts to negligence that voids the warranty contract. If something catastrophic were to happen to your car and you could not demonstrate the car had been serviced as directed by the manufacturer, you may find that the manufacturer will not cover the damage, and you will find yourself with a very big problem.

Logbook servicing is then a vital part of limiting your own liability and making the best of your warranty. It’s a comparatively small outlay of time and money to prevent the possibility of major problems in the future.

Car Repairs

Any mechanic may be able to detect a fault with your car through a logbook service. But by bringing your car to BJ’s you know you are bringing your car to a family of specialist mechanics who not only has the skills to find the problem, but also to solve it efficiently for you. We know your car is an important part of daily Perth life, so we will work hard to ensure you’re not without your car for long, and we will provide a courtesy vehicle for the duration of your car’s service.

If you need a logbook service for your car but want more than what your local dealer offers, bring your car into us at BJ’s Car Care. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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