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Major and Minor Services

Full Car Service or Minor Tune Up

Our work is divided into Major and Minor Services. The distinction refers to the works done on each, and the timing of the major and minor services vary across brands and models of car. A minor service will provide a more general overview of a car between the major services, where greater depth and detail of service is provided.

BJ’s Car Care specialises in providing both major and minor services for all brands of vehicle. We have more than a decade of experience in servicing cars and detecting and resolving faults or damage. We love to develop ongoing relationships with our customers, so they feel confident in regularly bringing their cars to us.

Your Local Auto Mechanic

BJ’s Car Care is a local, family run business that can offer you universal understanding of mechanical maintenance and repair of every car on the road in Perth. We aren’t just a big brand box repairer or dealership, we are a team of mechanics and engineers who prefer to get to know our local clients. We offer packages for both major and minor servicing that adhere to your car manufacturer’s set standards, so we can be sure to keep you rolling smoothly.

Major Services

Major Services often involve more significant investigations and maintenance of your car to ensure none of the major components are faulty or misbehaving. Major services includes engine oil and filter change, inspection of fluids from brakes, clutch, transmission or coolant, battery testing, suspension and brakes check, tyres measurements and rotation. The gearbox, transfer case and differential may be checked, and a safety and road test may be performed to confirm the car is performing appropriately. Essentially a major service is a full check up with the car doctor.

Minor Services

Minor Services are check ins with your car to ensure the consumables such as filters, oils and and brake pads are either sufficient or are replaced. The car is also put through safety testing and battery check to ensure you have enough charge to keep starting up. Other fluids such as brake and clutch fluid may be checked in case they need replacement. A minor service is a check up with the doctor that all the vital signs are good.

Auto Shop

BJ’s Car Care is your one-stop workshop for all your car’s servicing needs. Whether it’s major or minor, your car is in good hands with a logbook service from the team at BJ’s. It’s quick and easy to book a service, and we can provide a fantastic service in no time! We know you lead a busy life and it’s hard to go without a car even for day, so we provide our customers with a courtesy car for the duration of your car’s service. Give us a call, your car will show you why we’re a great choice!

major and minor car services
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