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BJ’s Car Care Centre is your one-stop vehicle repair destination. Call Rafik on 0408050811 or (08)94098979 should you wish to discuss any service or repairs that you might need to be completed on your vehicle.

auto transmission car care service
Auto Transmission

Our Automatic Transmission Service, utilizing the Fully Automatic Transmission Flush Machine, is designed to allow quick and easy exchange of Automatic Transmission Fluid, while providing a fully balanced treatment package to extend the life of the automatic transmission.

Coolant Flush Perth Car Care
Cooling Systems

Did you know, the cooling system helps to remove the heat generated by your engine? If this system is not working properly, your engine could be damaged in the long term.

fuel injection car care service
Fuel Injection

When it comes to a fuel injection system on a vehicle, it’s all about keeping the flow clean! Our specialized EFI machine ensures the entire fuel system is clean.

scanning and diagnostics car care centre
Scanning & Diagnostics

With modern vehicles, determining the smallest running fault can often be a very difficult task. At BJ’s we use the latest in diagnostic machines to help locate and diagnose even the smallest fault in your vehicle.

auto suspension car care service

Having regular suspension checks is imperative, especially if you are going to be travelling a long distance. A damaged suspension can greatly affect a car’s handling characteristics and should be repaired immediately.

Timing Belt Car Care Sevice
Timing Belt

Having your timing belt checked regularly, even more often than normal service intervals. If your timing belt should break, your engine will be seriously damaged.

Battery Check and Replacement Car Care Center
Battery Check & Replacement 

Leave your lights on by mistake? We can help with a range of battery problems and offer battery inspections during all services. We can replace your battery too if need be.

Engine and Cylinder Head Car Care Center
Engine & Cylinder Head

Cylinder head damage can vary but we are able to repair minor problems as well as replace cylinder head gaskets. Take note that if your car is developing a cylinder head problem, it will begin to blow white or blue/grey smoke, start leaking coolant or begin to misfire.

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