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Your Local Auto Mechanic

If you value friendly service, experienced technicians and like to support local business, have a chat to the BJ’s Car Care team today. Located conveniently in the Wangara industrial area, the team at BJ’s Car Care have built our reputation for trustworthy advice by providing auto mechanic services to local residents and businesses for over thirteen years.

No matter if it is show room new or with a fair few kilometres on the clock, regular servicing and thorough maintenance is crucial to getting the best life and the least break downs out of your vehicle.

We are strong believers that regular, preventative maintenance can save you big in the long term. Regular inspections of braking and suspension systems are important in keeping you and your occupants safe. Bringing your vehicle to our team allows us to monitor normal ongoing wear and tear, avoiding the inconvenience of breakdowns far from home. Finally, when it comes time to sell your car, prospective purchasers will pay a premium for well maintained vehicles with a clear, reliable service history.

logbook services car care
Logbook Services

Every vehicle needs regular logbook services as guided by the manufacturer’s specifications. This not only adds to the resale value of your vehicle, but it preserves condition and warranty.

major and minor car services
Major & Minor Services

It’s important to service your car regularly. Services keep your car running at maximum efficiency and help prevent future problems, avoiding costly repairs.

mechanical repair car care service
Mechanical Repairs

BJ’s offer a range of other mechanical repairs not covered by our other options. These include transmission and gear box repairs, replacing lights or fixing small electrical problems for example.

perth brake pad replacements
Brake Services & Repair

For safety reasons, keeping your brakes in perfect condition is paramount. We offer a range of brake services and repairs including the machining of brake disks, brake pad replacements and the flushing of hydraulic brake systems.

clutch repair car care service
Clutch Services & Repair

Shifting problems? Most of these are a result of either a faulty clutch or one that is going to need to be replaced fairly soon. At BJ’s we can help to quickly identify the problem and fix it before you do any damage to your vehicle’s gearbox.

exhaust repair car care service
Exhaust Services & Repairs

An exhaust problem not only makes your car run poorly, often with a loss in performance, but it is harmful to the environment. It’s also illegal! Our team will sort out any exhaust problems you may have.

Primary Services that Keeps Your Car Running

Our primary services are all designed to identify issues early and cost-effectively, while only using the highest quality parts. Efficient work, reliable advice and fair prices are central to the BJ’s Car Care difference.

Our Regular Log Book Service

While it can be easy to forget, maintaining a regular servicing schedule is important in reliability and retaining high resale values. It is accepted good practice to get a log book service undertaken every six months or 10,000 kilometres, whichever comes up first.

A primary service with BJ’s Car Care is often a same day job. Bring your car in before work and before you end your day, we should have your vehicle ready for collection. Remember, long gaps between car services can increase the wear on expensive components and decrease fuel economy.

If you have a new car, don’t risk your manufacturer warranty by skipping service intervals. Because of the wear and tear associated with new cars, it is even more crucial to keep up with regular oil and filter changes. Dealerships have been known to void warranties if regular maintenance isn’t recorded. Any log book servicing BJ’s completes satisfies the requirements to maintain your warranty.

Our Brake Repair Services

When it comes to safety, few components are as crucial as your brakes. With wear, your brake pads will produce a screeching noise when you press the pedal, a sure sign that your break pads need replacing immediately. Don’t risk loss of stopping power – a leading cause of collisions.

Your brake fluid is what connects your pedal to the brake callipers, so regular checks ensure the fluid is full and not expired. Our team only use original manufacturer-approved parts to ensure your brake system is working perfectly, keeping you and your vehicle’s occupants safe on the road.

 Choose a Trusted Auto Mechanic

We are a family owned and operated business and have been providing top quality auto mechanic services for over thirteen years. If you want a mechanic that you can trust, a team that is experienced and knowledgeable, and has a reputation for efficient service, call BJ’s Car Care Centre today.

BJ’s Car Care Centre is your one-stop vehicle repair destination. Call Rafik on 0408050811 or (08)94098979 should you wish to discuss any service or repairs that you might need to be completed on your vehicle.

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