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Rafik Karam

How well do you know the mechanic servicing your car?

They say of life that there are two types of people you need to know to get you through. One is a lawyer and the other is a mechanic. Now, that may be taking things a bit far but the point is ~ you ought to find someone to look after your car who you can trust. As you may already be aware – there are certainly faceless sharks out there, especially in the automotive industry!

Of course we’re not looking to scare you, we would simply like to stake our claim, as an independent garage offering you a great service at a very reasonable price.

Our ambitions are obvious, we’d like to build long-term relationships with all our customers, their family, friends, colleagues and be known as the ‘go-to’ mechanic in Wangara who really knows what it means to look after their vehicles. We’d like for you to have the same positive experience every time we work together, and as far as it is possible, with the same mechanic.

Yes, we understand this means that a lot of the time it will come down to pricing and affordability, as such we’ll be doing our best to bring you regular specials – where you can benefit from limited time offers.

The average Perth family does at least 1 or 2 road-trips every year (some a lot more), so it makes sense to grab yourself some ‘Peace of Mind’ before you hit the open road for some leisurely time away. To this end, we’d like to make sure our car safety checks super affordable for you to do so, every-time you leave town.

In 2017, our mechanics believe that the cost of our car servicing for a Major Service at $199 and our Minor Service at $139 for standard cars are too low compared to our competitors. Given the current market however and situation with unemployment in Perth and across Western Australia, we’re taking a stand on providing the best value service offering around, by not increasing our prices this year.

You can rest assured that we’ve aligned ourselves with great quality automotive parts manufacturers and suppliers too. We use Penrite oils wherever possible and have access to a network of other providers, so if you’re unsure whether we can or can’t do something, be sure to ask first and not assume.

There are other times though when it comes down to recommending the right options for the repair of your car, in consideration of your circumstances. Options which provide the best value and/or longevitiy for your hard-earned spend. We urge you to be as open with us, as soon as you can, so we can work together for the best possible outcome.

Whether your car is close to your heart, critical to your livelihood or none of the above, we understand that it is likely to be a necessity to your life. Be sure to talk to us about the plans you have for the car your servicing, we’re only too happy to help.

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